high school/home education

We aim to provide our students with a highly personalised education which is all about helping them achieve their academic and career goals. We have expert subject tutors as well as an environment conducive to study, so that students can unlock their true potential. Students of all ages and backgrounds study at oneworld knowledge academy, each trying to further themselves and get ahead of the crowd. We have a fine selection of courses available that can be taken on at any level.

So whether you want to update your skills, boost your career, or study for pleasure, we would like to help you get where you want to go.

Sample Study Plan
These are the subject that will be covered in each year in our alternative to high school study plan.

Each subject is offered at approximately 2 hours per week.

Year 7 Year 8
English English
Math Math
Science Science
Art Art
Study Support Study Support

At the end of Year 9 able students will be given the option of sitting examinations in the subjects they confidently excel in (must attain A/B grade in January mock examinations for early entry). The subjects listed in bold are normally taken by students on our study plan.

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
GCSE Biology/ Science GCSE English GCSE English Literature
English ICT Diploma (yr2)
GCSE Physics/ Chemistry GCSE Chemistry/ Additional Science
ICT Diploma (yr1) GCSE Business Studies/Economics

If the student does not sit the examination or pass at a high grade the subject may be carried forward into the following year.
All students are expected to take examinations in Year 11.

The given study plan constitutes around 10-15 hours study at oneworld knowledge academy including breaks . We do cater for part-time high school students.

As of September, we are open at 9.00- 3:00 pm on Monday- Thursday. We open for 30 weeks of the year and follow the standard school holidays. We close for the summer in May and hold examinations in June.

Our fees are very reasonable and affordable when compared with other private institutes. The achievements of our students will speak volumes in terms of quality of education. Also our courses are completed in shorter times spans overall.

Full Fees
£3,750 per year – 5 subjects.

Part time Fees
£800 per GCSE subject